Summer is coming to a close, which often leaves us quickly doing things we meant to do all summer. Check out 10 simple ways to soak up the last of summer. -Practigal Blog

10 Simple Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer

Summer is coming to a close, which often leaves us quickly doing things we meant to do all summer. This summer was the busiest in the history of our family. We decided on a whim to sell our house, buy a different house, and move to a more rural town.

We still aren’t in the country by any means, but we further away from city life, busyness, and noise. I’ve come to the end of summer realizing how little we did. (Besides those huge things I already mentioned, of course!)

Although doing very little all summer doesn’t bother me, I still feel the urge to soak up the last of summer as much as I can this week before the kids start school.

Summer is coming to a close, which often leaves us quickly doing things we meant to do all summer. Check out 10 simple ways to soak up the last of summer. -Practigal Blog

I’m resisting the urge to fit in all the things we normally do in a summer…visit the zoo, go to a water park, check out all the area parks. There’s always next year!

So instead of doing all the things, I’m just making sure we get outside before we are stuck inside for another long Minnesota winter. Luckily, the weather is cooperating. 😉

This week I finally gave in to the kids’ request to run a lemonade stand. They want to do this every year, and eventually I always cave. The nice thing about this, was that it was very little work for me! They made the signs; we bought lemonade mix and pre-made cookie dough; and, my daughter sold art projects she had made over the summer.

After I brought the table outside, I simply got to sit outside in the front yard and read a book! It was lovely. Oh, and I tried to take the dog on a long walk almost every day. (To calm both of our crazies).

Here are some photos showing how we spent our last bit of summer:

This is how we are soaking up the last of summer: spending every moment outside that we can. Even if it just means mowing the lawn, reading a book on the porch, or eating meals in the back yard. If you are looking for ideas, check out this list of 10 simple ways to soak up summer:

10 Simple Ways to Soak Up the Last of Summer

  1. Eat your meals outdoors.

    Even if you don’t have a patio or deck, you can eat your meals outdoors. Grab a blanket and eat picnic style! Who says you can’t have a picnic at your own house?!

  2. Read a book or magazine at a park.

    Usually parks have benches or picnic tables for you to sit at and read, but just in case, bring a blanket or folding chair. A quiet park is the perfect place for some light reading.

  3. Play a yard game.

    Get out the badminton set you never use, or try something new! Ladder golf, Frisbeer, bocce ball, washers, lawn Jenga, bean bag toss. There are so many options out there, you’re likely to find something you love. Bonus: outdoor toys start going on sale around this time of year!

  4. Watch the sunset.

    They say that no two sunsets are the same. Get outside, look up, and see for yourself.

  5. Look at the stars.

    Looking at the stars only requires you stay up late enough to see them, and this is easier at the end of summer since it gets dark slightly earlier. Bonus points: get rural. If you aren’t already in the country, go somewhere far enough from all the city lights to view the stars in all their glory.

  6. Get up early to watch the sunrise.

    I can’t remember the last time I watched a sunrise. Sunsets…all the time. Sunrise…usually too early for my liking. But sometimes you just can’t sleep, so you may as well get up and see the start of a new day.

  7. Get on the water- go swimming, rent a boat, stand-up paddle board, or fish from a pier.

    I love being on the water…even if I’m only sitting on a dock. But sometimes, a little activity on the water is more my mood. Don’t be afraid to get wet. Or dirty. Besides, dirty is the hottest color of summer.

  8. Explore a new park.

    Most areas have lots of parks. See if you can find one you have never visited, and comb the whole park looking for its treasures.

  9. Set up a sprinkler and/or slip-and-slide in the backyard.

    Get your kid on. If I can do it, 4 years post-baby belly and all 😉 , so can you. It might not look graceful, but it will be fun. And cooler.

  10. Plant some perennials.

    Get your hands dirty! (Again with the dirt.) Pull those weeds you’ve been meaning to get around to, or plant something new that you can enjoy again in the spring.

There you have it! Those are pretty simple and inexpensive, right? What will you being doing to soak up the last of summer? Share with us in the comments!


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