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parenting styles.

Understanding Parenting Styles: The Strategy and Science Behind It All

Have you ever wondered why some parents are strict disciplinarians while others are more laid-back? Or why do some parental figures hover, acting out the part of helicopter parents, while others appear more relaxed, giving their kids free rein?  Let’s investigate different parenting styles, from positive parenting to stricter approaches, to understand the strategy and…

how to figure out what you want.

How to Figure Out What You Want: 6 Simple Steps to Clarity

Have you ever found yourself feeling lost or unsure about what you want in life? It’s a common experience that can leave you feeling confused and overwhelmed. However, gaining clarity and understanding what you truly want is crucial for your happiness, career, and overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore various strategies and techniques to…

have courage and be kind
Minimalism / Trending

7 Unexpected Perspectives on Embracing Minimalism

Anti-consumerism versus anti-stuff. In a recent conversation in an anti-consumerism forum, someone shared, “I am curious what other anti-consumerists think about it. I see it as rather suspicious.” “Because the focus is not much on not buying useless stuff but mostly on getting rid of stuff, it encourages considering the thought ‘this thing might be…