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10 False Indicators of a Person’s Wealth

Do you know someone who looks like they are better off financially than they honestly are? Someone recently asked, “What are some false indicators of wealth?” Here are the top-voted answers.

10.  Having Dr. In Front of Your Name When You’re Young

It’s no secret that being a physician or having Dr. in front of your name signals a high-paying job. However it was pointed out by one reading that “Having Dr. In front of your name at 27,” isn’t a honest sign of wealth. “At that age, you are paying loans and starting your business. So, therefore, you are poor until you can get everything paid off and see the payoff from your practice. I know I see this all the time.”

9.  Having a Giant Residence

“Having a big house, in lots of areas, can be very cheap, but many rich people that aren’t like Elon Musk wealthy won’t have massive houses.”

“So instead, they invest the money in different things and do not waste it on things they don’t need like giant properties because you have outside to walk around if you want to take a walk,” one person said. 

There’s nothing worst than being house-poor. Living in a home you can’t afford that stresses you out each month. Definitely not a true indicator of wealth.

8.  Flexing Online

“Holding a month’s rent in cash, all fanned out in a photo. Those people are dirt poor,” someone suggested. Another added, “Showing how much money you earn on social media and stories.”

“That’s nonsense from some pyramid scheme guys that want to scam their contacts, family, and friends. It’s pretty sad to see how desperate these people look to prove to you how wealthy they are.”

7.  Being Attractive

“People often combine the idea of being poor with also being unable to keep oneself up. There’s a stereotypical image we often get of poor people, where they are messy, unstyled hair, dingy, and dirty,” someone volunteered. 

“But if you see someone gorgeous in all respects – nice hair, pretty eyes, well-done make-up, and a decent figure, we tend to assume they are financially okay. Good looks are a false indicator of wealth.”

6.  Work/ Life Balance

Real wealth brings freedom, not stress. “Truly wealthy people work for pleasure and spend a lot on their passions and hobbies, often finding a way to bring the three together.” Work-life balance is automatic.

“Alternatively, people who want to appear wealthy have to be on the grind to keep up with appearances, often to the detriment of their mental and physical health. It’s easy to tell from miles away,” another shared. 

5.  Expensive-Looking Accessories

“When every accessory is gold-colored, it’s either a cheap, glitzy imitation by someone poor or reckless spending by someone who is (briefly) well-funded and trying to scream their status at the trailer park,” replied one. 

“Or in the hood,” another shared. “Wanting to look like rappers and have all the flash and bling, but have nothing but the image of what they aspire to be.”

4.  Frequent Vacations

“I have a coworker who buys Disney Season Passes. He takes his family MONTHLY ALL YEAR LONG! Then, they complain (when we hang out with them) about their debt that they can’t get ahead of,” replied one.

“My wife and I look at each other and give each other that look like – Should we tell them? But we don’t. It will end in us being the bad guys when we’re just trying to be good friends and give them a dose of reality.”

3.  Designer Fashion

“Absolute pet peeve of mine. I work with lads that love to tell me about the $300/$400 t-shirt they bought or how they bought their wife a $2k designer handbag. But, honestly, they’re making the same money as me, and it’s pretty average. So chill!” someone exclaimed. 

Another agreed, “Yep. I remember buying Champion clothes for ten bucks at Walmart, which was the poor people’s brand. Now kids literally spend hundreds of dollars on the SAME STUFF we bought years ago and act like it’s so fancy now.”

2.  Expensive Cars

“Cars are not wealth. They are not even an investment. They depreciate at an astronomical rate and a waste of money on every level,” one suggested. “To be fair, you somehow have to get from point A to point B. That said, you’re right; luxury cars when you’re on a budget are a terrible idea,” another agreed. 

1.  New Money Screams, Old Money Whispers

Scared money don’t make money, but new money screens I don’t really have money. 

“New money generally goes for very flashy, obviously expensive things. The really old money tends to have understated but absolutely perfect things. There will be absolutely no labels. It’s ALL tailored,” said one.

“Yeah, that makes sense. It explains why it’s mostly people with a bit more money for Gucci, etc. In contrast, billionaires are primarily low profile. Thanks for the proper explanation,” a final person commented.

Strive for Real Wealth

Wealth is subjective and dependent upon one’s perception of money and value. For most, wealth is defined as having a large net worth that provides freedom. While many are “rich” and have high-income jobs, they lack the security of real wealth. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of false indicators of wealth. Also, check out multiple streams of income that aren’t optional if you’re trying to build wealth

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