Liebster Award 2017

I’ve Been Nominated For The Liebster Award!

I am SO excited to announce that Practigal Blog has been nominated for the Liebster Award for 2017! I had heard buzz about it in the blogging community before, but I never knew what it really was until now.

The Liebster Award is an award given to bloggers, by bloggers. The award started in 2011 and is given only to newer blogs. It is a way for bloggers to encourage one another, as well as help each other out! Liebster is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, dearest, beloved, lovely, and valued. It is such an honor to be nominated for such an award. ☺️

Getting noticed in the large sea of blogs is difficult these days, so I am super appreciative of receiving this recognition. It is so nice when someone notices all of your hard work! This award will allow me to continue helping you live a more simple and meaningful life. I am forever grateful, and I am so excited for this opportunity to encourage other bloggers like me by nominating them. πŸ’™

Liebster Award 2017


Thank you to Our Home On Purpose!

First, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Brennan at Our Home On Purpose for nominating me! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your kind words meant so much to me and left me feeling so encouraged and motivated to keep my blog going. You can see Brennan’s nomination post here! We recently connected when we realized we were both not only introverts, but ISFJ’s! πŸ˜‚ LOL. She also shares my love for intentional living and organization.

On her blog, which you should definitely check out, you will find valuable resources and ideas to live intentionally and well so that you have time for what matters most to you. For example, she has a great series on meal planning and even a home maintenance schedule to help you keep your home well maintained all year. I hope you love checking out all of the valuable resources on her blog as much as I do!

Liebster Award 2017

The Rules For the Liebster Award

Here are the official rules for this year’s Liebster Award. If you accept the nomination for the Liebster Award you must do the following:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Share your favorite blog post that is not your own.
  • Provide 10 random facts about yourself. (Optional)
  • Nominate 5-11 blogs that you feel deserve the award.
  • List these rules in your post.
  • Let people know that you’ve nominated them!

If you are one of the people I nominate, please read Global Aussie’s complete guide to the Liebster Award before writing your post!

Liebster Award 2017

My Favorite Blog Post

My favorite blog post is also by my favorite blogger, of course! I love reading Melissa’s helpful minimalism tips on her blog, Simple Lionheart Life. Recently we discovered that we are kindred spirits, so we’ve quickly become blogger friends! We both love chai tea lattes and yoga. We both strive to live simple minimalist lifestyles. AND we are even both introverts and HSP’s (highly sensitive people). 😜

My favorite favorite FAVORITE post by Melissa is the one she wrote on 11 Easy Ways to Make Decluttering Fun. Because let’s face it…decluttering can seem like a daunting task when you’re just getting started. I hope you enjoy reading her post over at Simple Lionheart Life!

Getting To Know Each Other

Brennan over at Our Home On Purpose, who nominated me for the Liebster Award, gave me some questions to answer so that you can all get to know me! Those I nominate should answer these same questions. I can’t wait to learn more about you all. 😍

1. What is your “why” for blogging? Why did you start?

I like writing, but really, I love helping people. I write about topics that interest me and make my life easier…and just BETTER! Often times, I write about something I have recently learned or an area I am currently growing in. I write for people like me! There have been several phases in my adult life where I have felt completely overwhelmed by it all. My life was full of excess, and I couldn’t handle it. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized that I needed to stop living the life I thought I was supposed to live, and start living my life the way it was meant to be. This is when I started living a more simple, minimal lifestyle.

I started blogging when I realized that I wasn’t alone in this, and when I realized that I had something to offer. Once I gained some confidence in my gifts and abilities, I jumped right into blogging and never looked back! It has been such a journey. I have grown so much as a blogger, as a minimalist, and just as a person.

2. How do you help people with your blog, and how would you describe your blogging style?

I absolutely LOVE helping people simplify every area of their lives so they can take their life back…and live the life they’ve always wanted. I try to keep everything I share as simple and easily applicable as possible, because I believe in baby steps. Practigal Blog is all about helping you simplify, organize, and prioritize your life.

My blogging style is simple and straight forward. I love giving my readers information in easily digestible lists so that it can be most easily applied. If it isn’t practical…it isn’t from Practigal. πŸ˜‰

3. For what are you grateful?

I just love this question, since I have been making gratitude a regular practice as of late. Gratitude is so important if you want to enjoy your life. Without gratitude, you can’t have contentment. And without contentment, you won’t have joy.

I am most grateful for my family. I am married and I have 3 kids. My son is 11, and my two daughters are 9 and 5. They are so much fun to hang out with. We act like a bunch of clowns most of the time, but is there any better way to live?! And my husband…oh man, he is my rock. He’s my biggest fan, and he encourages me to keep going when I feel like giving up or giving in. When I start to lose confidence, he reminds me who I am and what I am capable of. Simply put, I love him. ❀️

4. Which actor/actress would you like to play you in the movie about your life and why?

Emma Stone! I always love her in every role she plays. I think the first movie I saw her in was Easy A, and I laughed so hard through that entire movie. She is just the right amount of quirky and cool. 😎

5. How do you want to improve yourself over the next year?

Oh man…so many ways. But, I think the #1 area I want to improve in myself this year is my level of contentment. I have learned to be content with what I have when it comes to the things I own. However, being content with myself has been harder for me. I sometimes find myself wishing I had a different, more outgoing, personality. Or thinner thighs. LOL

I know that practicing mindfulness will help me in this area this year, and I’m super excited about that! I need to find that healthy balance between being overly dramatic about my shortcomings and being so unaware of myself that I never change. Going forward, I want to call myself up instead calling myself out.

Liebster Award 2017

Drum Roll Please πŸ₯…

My 7 Nominees for the 2017 Liebster Award

  1. Melissa at Simple Lionheart Life is so helpful if you are trying to simplify any area of your life. She has wonderful guides and tips for decluttering, and she is great at motivating you to make the changes to get to a more minimalist life! She will help you live more life with less stuff.
  2. Jessica at Jessica Grace Blog is very helpful when it comes to living your life in the healthiest way possible. She writes about parenting, behavior, and mental health. I’ve found her relationship advice most helpful!
  3. Mia at Mia Danielle is practical and inspirational. She writes about minimalism and intentional living, especially for parents.
  4. Jess at Mama Wears Her Coffee is so fun to read. She is a mom blogger who you can trust to keep it real. She covers topics ranging from parenting to healthy living to paying off debt in a fun, relatable, and inspiring way.
  5. Perri at Seeking the Spanish Sun gives you travel advice, guides, and information…mostly related to traveling in Spain. I just had to nominate her because of my family ties to Spain and a deep longing of mine to visit again.
  6. Jesica at Nordic Mod is a BRAND new blogger. She embraced the minimalist lifestyle so that she could follow her dream of living abroad. Now, she is sharing her expertise with all of us!
  7. Christine at Admire Simple will inspire you to live better by making your life easier! She gives great advice on time management, and she has a lot of great simplifying ideas up her sleeve.

Thanks again to Brennan at Our Home on Purpose for nominating me for the Liebster Award and filling me with so much encouragement and hope! And to my Liebster Award nominees…congratulations! Your hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. ☺️ Let’s continue to support and encourage each other. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»

I hope that you are able to find a new blog or two to follow that will help you in the coming year!


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  1. I loved reading about you! Thank you for your nomination of my blog. I appreciate your consideration so much. I’m a total introvert too- seems that many writers are :). Your blog looks beautiful with the light pinks and your family looks lovely. Also, Emma Stone is an awesome pick.

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